“The D+A network has the skill set and experience to go in and figure out the solution, get consensus on the solution in the organization, put together the elemental pieces, and package that information so that the learner can process it.”

—Director, Training Organization

“Many agencies prefer to deliver ‘information’ but not always in a thoughtful way. D+A delivers playbooks, portals, campaigns, collateral, that have actually been adopted and are still in place today. I think that speaks volumes.”

—Senior Business Operations Manager, Software Manufacturer

“D+A projects have high quality because there are enough of the right resources but every project has the hands-on, personal touch of the principle. The associates have a breadth of knowledge and experience so that every problem doesn’t look like a nail.”

—Director, Microsoft

what we do

business consulting

business planning and change management

process engineering and documentation

program and event coordination

business and marketing communications

performance dashboards and scorecards

performance improvement

measurement strategy and program evaluation

needs and performance assessments

competency frameworks and role playbooks

instructional and curriculum design

content creating and management

creative services

marketing messaging and brand

campaign and sales collateral

content, graphics, and user interface design

web and SharePoint sites

responsive web programming